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ethics, outing, and gay young republicans

Posted by pocochina on June 13, 2007

Say there’s this guy, and he’s starting out a career as a paleoconservative political operative.  He’s worked for a group that’s so right-wing they’ve actually been classified as hate groups by the SPLC (and as far as this hippie is concerned, if the SPLC’s word isn’t law, it should be), and he’s waved a “Straight Pride” banner in a counterprotest against LGBTQ rights.  Now he’s working for Tancredo, who has a rating of zero from the HRC.

Oh, and he’s just started coming out to friends and family.  You find out.

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Harry Potter and the Feminist Fairy Tale

Posted by pocochina on June 9, 2007

I’ll be defending this statement with the use of individual characters, including their stories, Harry’s opinion of the characters, and the meta-significance of the characters in the story when applicable.  I’ll also be looking at several groups of witches, and pheonomena in the magical world as relates to gender issues.  I’m not going to argue that the story is a perfect fem-topia, but that it is that rare breed, a children’s story largely stripped of sexism.

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Harry Potter is Gay

Posted by pocochina on June 9, 2007


(Note:  these are backdated; this was written before the Big Gay Dumbledore Announcement)

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Republican women

Posted by pocochina on June 5, 2007

Women on the right, or who lean to the right, absolutely fascinate me.  Naturally, I don’t really understand anyone who’s not a liberal, because, well, we’re not all crazy hateful misanthropes aching and crying for mythical lost privilege.

On one weird weird level, I sort of applaud these women, sort of sometimes even see them as a victory.  They feel that secure in their rights.  They are totally sure that they’re not going to be paid less than their man (and really, outside of Mary Cheney, have you ever heard of a lesbian Republican?), they are damned well not going to have an unplanned pregnancy, and forcing them to carry an initially wanted pregnancy isn’t an intrusion on their bodily soverignty, nosireebob!

Whoa, there, Pollyanna.

And honestly, the pre-Reagan Republican party wasn’t a terrible place for women – I think the right to choose was actually on the party platform at some point (or they were neutral – it hasn’t been forbidden since the dawn of time or some shit).  But today’s Republican party is overtly hostile to women.

It’s such a vicious dedication to the idea of self-interest, that it overrides actual self-interest; being so determined not to care about other women just because they are other women that it turns into self-…loathing?  disrespect?  denial as deep as the sea?  I don’t know.

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