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In Defense of VAWA

Posted by pocochina on November 18, 2009

In Defense of VAWA.  Because now we have to fucking defend VAWA.  From feminists.  Alternative title:  IN WHICH I GIVE THE FUCK UP AND DIE.

If you wanted to go out and look for a paradigm example of a piece of legislation which made a swift, real, on-the-ground difference in a lot of women’s lives in a very short amount of time, you couldn’t get a better example than VAWA.  Therefore, Ms. Ann Friedman (of Feministing and the American Prospect) has taken it upon herself to explain to all of us Why VAWA Is Made of Wrong.  Its main crimes are (1) inventing the idea of prosecuting crimes in the criminal justice system, (2) all but excluding every other method of approaching the problem, even the ones it has explicitly embraced for fifteen years now, and (3) being for nerds and old ladies.  While the article sometimes ambles towards valid criticisms of a policy-heavy approach to ending VAW, it fails to engage appropriately with VAWA and frequently falls into anti-feminist language and framing.

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