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Posted by pocochina on September 22, 2010

So…I figured out what it is that bothers me so much about hipsterism.

It’s nihilist.  It’s scruffy.  It’s not enjoying anything.  It’s glamorized even though it’s not particularly glamorous.

It’s depression drag.

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PORN PORN PORN!: why i should never read alternet

Posted by pocochina on September 22, 2010

So through the endless series of links I have waded in these last couple of days,* I somehow came across this post by Clarisse Thorn:  “Why I Sympathize with Anti-Porn Feminists.” And, lord help me, I dove on into this particular front in the endless straw battle of nudie flicks.

The post isn’t particularly incisive.  The author doesn’t share any new insights into feminism, porn, or human sexuality.  But what struck me about it – what clued me in to the specifics of some of my (extremely muddled) feelings about the Porn Issue – is the extent to which it mirrors right-wing rhetoric.  The article utilizes narratives familiar to the authoritarian theocratic right in order to contextualize the development of her feelings toward pornography and argue against anti-porn feminists.  Though she’s making an argument associated with left-wing feminism, she’s utilizing the bad-faith thought processes of the radical right in order to do so.

And if you’ve got to argue like them…I’m not sure you have a good argument.

NOTE:  I am NOT saying you are a bad feminist or a bad person if you like porn or loathe it.  I don’t care if you are rubbing one out right now.  This is about people who mischaracterize the concerns of some feminists about porn in order to dismiss them out of hand, rather than engage in difficult and potentially painful questions about mainstream depictions of sexuality, particularly those which are prevalent in mainstream pornography, and the wide-ranging impact they have on sexuality and gender inequality.   This post isn’t even about my feelings about porn (which, for the curious, are mixed) or people who enjoy/don’t enjoy porn (because, IDGAF).  It’s about wanting to have an intellectually honest discussion of the issue.  I understand that there are lots of places where folks have to defend their enjoyment of porn, their discomfort with porn or both, but this isn’t one of them.

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trust women

Posted by pocochina on September 10, 2010

To trust women is to trust our own political judgment.

Trusting women is supporting each other’s decisions.

Trusting women means trusting ourselves and, when possible, each other.  I’m not a fan of the navel-gaze-y “call to action” because “we” have been Bad Liberals lately.  This is a celebration of the pro-choice movement. We organize. We tell our stories. We support with resources and with care. We stand with and behind providers of real health care services, and we name the liars for what they are.  We come together to rally, and we sit alone at our laptops and we reach out to the world with our morals and our thoughts and our stories.  We will continue on, and we will grow better and stronger.

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