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what we talk about when we talk about rape cases – deviance, rape culture, and the courtroom

Posted by pocochina on May 27, 2010

This post is cut because it is heavily triggering.  I will discuss rape culture, rape trials, the criminal justice system, and mistreatment of rape victims.  This is NOT an introductory level post.  If you are unfamiliar with ANY of the concepts above, go handle your prerequisites.  This is a post which will focus on male violence against women not because no other kind of rape exists, but because this type of rape is both the most frequent and the most frequently brought through the criminal system.  It is also intentionally US-centric, because I’m only comfortable discussing US law (and only marginally at that), but as rape culture is a global phenomenon, perspectives from around the world are welcome as long as they come from an anti-rape perspective.

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