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things that make me want to give the fuck up

Posted by pocochina on January 24, 2008

A Marine was murdered.

A pregnant Marine was murdered.

A pregnant Marine was murdered, by her alleged rapist.

A pregnant Marine was murdered, by her alleged rapist, probably for having dared to report the rape.  (Which report, of course, was shamefully handled.)

And, I swear to God, CNN wants me to know that the fetus wasn’t born alive.

This woman, who put her life on the line for her country, only to face an enemy that wore her uniform.  Are we even going to pretend women are worth anything?  Are we even going to fucking fake it?  I can only imagine the hell this woman went through, I can only pray for some small ray of solace to her family, I can only refuse to forget her story, and all the ones we don’t hear.

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on properly defining “real American”

Posted by pocochina on May 15, 2007

Or, the fucking, fucking Confederate flag.

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domestic terrorism

Posted by pocochina on April 27, 2007

Over at Feministe, Zuzu has a fantastically outraged post about the latest bomb scare at a women’s health clinic, this time in Austin, Texas.  And she’s totally right, when women’s health centers are attacked, it’s the textbook definition of terrorism, which is (ahem, paraphrase alert) violence or threatened violence in order to scare a group of people.  I think that this phenomenon of calling domestic terrorism anything but itself shows up in mainstream reporting of hate crimes in general.

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