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Dollhouse – True Believer

Posted by pocochina on March 22, 2009

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  • that’s a lot from previous personalities on the “previously on.”  To give us an idea of Echo on the job?  I like Adele’s voiceover better.
  • This person seems to be a longstanding client who understands the dollhouse.  Hey, buddy, “family values” and “women’s issues” don’t jibe, ever.  And he’s… a fed?  A federal prosecutor?  No, a SENATOR.  From Arizona?  Heh. So the Dollhouse is at least a regional operation (at least this dollhouse is, there could be more), and at least some influential people know about it.  And of course they can utterly destroy him if he speaks up – they can just whip up a sex worker with an embarassing story.  So is Ballard right in the pilot that someone important is keeping him away from it, or is he stymied by actives and not doing a very good job?  I suppose a bit of both.
  • Dr Fred!  Yay!  Surgery?  WTF?  I’d thought the personality would be blind, not Echo herself.  I wonder if they put the visual impairment into the personality as well?  I guess they’d have to, for her to have the childhood backstory.
  • Is Helo setting someone up with drugs?  Federal agents know better than to tell people where to bring “the drugs.”  They’ll either say “it” or “the vicoden” or “the sweet, sweet seeds of the flowers of the Lord” or something.  Mellie a) has serious boobs and b) is awfully curious.
  • Aww Victor!  Is it wrong that I just think it’s kind of sweet?  How has this not happened before?  Topher can short circuit physiological reactions to sexual stimuli?  (/Brennan.)  My point being, that’s not something that happens from memory or personality.  Love is complicated, but erections come from the bison part of the brain.  Now if Sierra wasn’t his type (if we even have innate types) but he was socialized into thinking she was sexy, that could be different.  And why, why are we conflating “sexuality” with “erections”?  Oh, right, Topher.
  • Dr. Fred is just too precious. Sure, we pull people off the street and erase their free will, but nobody here would do anything so evil as to ignore a health and safety memo!  Land sakes!  I am so deeply intrigued by what her motivations are.  She does treat the Dolls ethically and seems like a competent doctor, and with at least some grasp on psychiatry.  Does she have some personal reason to want to be able to experiment on people?  Speaking of, I wonder if the Dollhouse is at the cutting edge of most experimental surgery?
  • Repeated imprints are a thing?  If it sinks in to the Doll persona, does it impact the person once memory is restored?  I mean, common experiences, if not actual personae. Kinda goes back to what we were talking about with last week’s ep – but then, this is as much conjecture as anything Topher says or does, since we figure out that it’s Sierra.
  • Topher has masculinity issues like whoa.  He can fuck with people’s minds but not look at a woody?  The appeal of science does not go as far as FEAR OF COCK.  You can just see Dr. Fred having a woman-thought about how Topher needs to stop being a man-child.  I wonder if or how it influences his creation of the personalities, if not his treatment of the actives.
  • Why does Blondie have the right to deny extraction?  And Boyd can read people, he should have known to call DeWitt directly.  Boyd is loving being around other cops again. In fact, it generally looks like Boyd read the script/took some stupid pills this week.  I wonder if he knows what they did to her; if he did he should be a lot more worried knowing what could happen.  And when he carries her out,Langdon should be avoiding the cameras.  Maybe Caroline can disappear, but a fifty year old cop, not so much.
  • How interesting is the Blondie-Madam dynamic?  I feel like they’re not “good versus evil” – they’re both amoral, but one is bloodthirsty.  They’re both pretty pragmatic about opposite things.  And he really does screw with her, both denying extraction (which DeWitt would never do) and going out there without permission.  Plus the attempted murder.  I’d say that he was just a cold dude in it for some money, and maybe it started out that way, but he’s really enjoying his power and not fond of the Dolls.  It’s just plausible enough that he’s actually worried about the Alpha-like signs, but I doubt it, and so does DeWitt.
  • The candlestick was cool.  The second slap was ass-kicking for the sake of ass-kicking.  Gratuitous ass-kicking.  This is the difference between a strong woman character and Girl Power (TM).  One uses violence as the character would see necessary or desirable; the other just starts whaling on people regardless of logic or inclination.  Unless this is Caroline coming through and she’s a brawler.
  • So did they take the thing out before the wipe?  How could they have talked Esther onto the table?  Is the equipment still rattling around in there?  Because, I’m no Dr. Fred, but that could probably end badly.
  • DeWitt’s creepy fixation on “purity” is, well, creepy.  It feels out of character, too, unless her concept of herself as the Dollhouse matron-in-chief is a lot more powerful and personalized than we thought.  It’s the writers going “DO YOU GET IT!?  SHE’S  LIKE THE CULT LEADER.  NO FREE WILL.  OOGA OOGA.”  Yes.  We got it.  Cults bad.  Your audience is not actually comprised of Dolls.  Maybe it’s more of the caretaking stuff – she has to conceptualize the dolls as children?  And what’s the difference between a wipe and a scrub?
  • Have the last couple of episodes been underwhelming to anyone else?  Not bad tv at all, just less fun than I’m expecting.  I suppose I’m building it up in my mind because I’m not used to watching TV shows in real time (I tend to wait until they’ve been canceled for a while and then get worked up, and of course I had an extra couple of weeks to look forward to these) but I loved ep 3 and have only liked the last two.  A little birdie told me that Man on the Street was a Joss episode, though…

Deep Thoughts

  • I thought the cult was a bunch of damn LaRouchers.
  • Why don’t they FINGERPRINT it instead of playing it?  Paul you are a fuck up because you TAMPER WITH EVIDENCE.
  • Why does she have perfect hair after every wipe?
  • Who the hell does Topher talk to on the phone from the Dollhouse?  I suppose it must be Ivy.
  • Was Esther flirting with Sister Annabelle?  I choose to believe she was.
  • Between the Dollhouse patron senator, the clueless FBI and the corrupt, clueless ATF, looks like gub’mint  is still gettin’ in a man’s way.
  • Someone please tell me the real ATF knows how to search for a trip wire.  Lie to me.
  • Really, with the shoes, enough is enough.  There is absolutely no reason for the heels here.

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