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Posted by pocochina on March 21, 2009

The Arizona House is right.

It’s absolutely impossible that women in Arizona know the outcomes of their reproductive decisions.

For instance, do they know that their salaries are likely to decrease when they become mothers?  You know, if they keep their jobs at all.  Or that they will be pressured to breastfeed, without regard for the impact on their jobs or quality of live, and without proof of the benefits to their children?  That giving birth could – gasp! – change their bodies permanently?  And that if part of that change is a slight uptick in body weight – well, forget about it.  Do they have ANY IDEA about the impact motherhood will have on their SEXAYNESS?

Do they know that if their child has a particular type of disability, they’ll be shamed for leaving an “unfortunate” child in someone else’s care while they pursue a career?

Do they know their chances of acquiring powerful jobs will drop, while their risk of being murdered by their partner will skyrocket if they choose to continue a pregnancy?

That if they get to the end of their pregnancies and shit goes wrong, the Supreme Court of the United States and the US Congress have decided that her health doesn’t mean shit?  That because of their meddling asses, if she does need to terminate a wanted pregnancy, her doctor will have to run the risk of performing a lethal injection inside her uterus?

Do they know just how painful it is for many birth mothers to have chosen adoption?

That while they may be entitled to child support, it’s going to be awfully difficult to get?

And this is just the tip of the iceburg on the shit these women don’t know!  See, I, in my non-pregnant all-powerful wisdom, clearly have Google skills beyond anything they could POSSIBLY FATHOM.  Silly wimminz.  Can’t be trusted to make these choices for themselves.

See, I am all for nonjudgmental, balanced, respectful maternal and parental counseling when a woman (with or without her partner) is deciding whether to continue a pregnancy.  I think it’s an important reproductive justice issue to support pregnant women, and if the private sector sucks at it, then the public sector should be able to jump in – I’m a dirty pinko hippie like that.  But, if this move were actually about giving women information – not feelings, but cold and all too hard facts measuring the legal, social, and economic impact of pregnancy and motherhood – his list would look a lot more like mine than like his.  I suspect that’s why it will never happen.  Because I don’t believe for a moment they actually think these little lecture sessions will actually decrease abortions.  I think that what this is really about is shaming women, and  in the same stroke, allowing these legislatures to ignore the very real problems of pregnancy and motherhood.  Being a mother is, I am assured, a wonderful, enriching, empowering experience for many women.  But as a sociological phenomenon, being a mother in our society totally whomps – not because motherhood is bad, but because every policy choice these fuckers make is one to make life more difficult for mothers.


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