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2008 Downticket Women Candidates

Posted by pocochina on June 10, 2008

House (Only Democratic women in contested races)

Linda Stender – NJ 7th

Debbie Halvorson – IL 11th

Kay Barnes – MO 6th

Suzanne Kosmas – FL 24th

Christine Jennings – FL 15th

Darcy Burner – WA 8th

Gabrielle Giffords* – (AZ 8th)

Senate Races involving Women

The Senate, where Democrats already hold a majority, is promising this fall. All six seats which will be open are currently held by Republicans. The DSCC only has to defend 12 seats, while the RSCC has to defend 17.

Maine: Rep. Tom Allen (D) v. Sen. Susan Collins (R)*

NH: Sen. John Sununu (R)* v. Former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen (D)

NC: Elizabeth Dole (R)* v Kay Hagen (D)

AL: Jeff Sessions (R)* v. Vivian Davis Figures (D)  (State Sen. Davis Figures appears to be the only Democratic WOC running this year outside of non-contested House races).

LA: Mary Landrieu (D)* v John Kennedy (R)  Perhaps our favorite NO expert can weigh in on the dynamics of this race?

challenger unclear – RI, MA

Gubernatorial Races:

IN: Mitch Daniels (R)* v Jill Long Thompson (D)

VT: Gaye Symington (D) v Jim Douglas (R)*

WA: Christine Gregoire (D)* v Dino Rossi (R)

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