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Irony is Dead, Part 7002

Posted by pocochina on June 5, 2008

“Frankly, my hope is people don’t play this game,” Obama said. “It is a destructive aspect of our politics. Simply because something appears in an e-mail, that should lend it no more credence than if you heard it on the corner. Presumably the job of the press is to not to go around and spread scurrilous rumors like this until there is actually anything, an iota, of substance or evidence that would substantiate it.”  – Barack Obama

Now the media is evil and biased!  It’s come out of nowhere!  We’ve been blindsided!  It’s not as if we’ve been spreading talking points from Drudge for fifteen months!

See, Senator, what you don’t seem to have noticed is that you’ve gotten your wish – you’re not running against Hillary Clinton any more.  You’re the Democrat running against John McCain.  They love him at least as much as they hate her.

It’s complicated, but sweetie, he’s never going to leave his wife for you.


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