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Hillary Sexism Watch*

Posted by pocochina on May 26, 2008

*any merit to this post is dedicated to Liss, who I swear deserves a break from the 101-part HSW.

These two stories are, as ABC wants me to believe, on the Political Radar:

Bill Clinton Has “Never Seen a Candidate Treated So Disrespectfully Just for Running”

Clinton Sheds Pantsuits for Puerto Rico

Wow!  There’s sure a lot going on, on the Political Radar!

WJC, doing the decent thing by his candidate, is calling out the media for its shockingly poor treatment she’s receiving.  The Big Manly Man gets the political story, doing work on the campaign trail.  For the record, I’m pretty proud to have supported (shut up!  I SO voted for him in the Nickelodeon poll!) WJC, who after it all is still in politics, standing up for his wife and against the forces so resentful of women in politics.

The actual candidate, however, is treated with no such respect. There’s a terribly interesting and important (to those of us who care about issues particular to the Hispanic-American segment of the electorate, anyway) narrative of Senator Clinton in Puerto Rico, because many of her constituents are Puerto Rican, she’s been performing well among Hispanic voters, and finally, PR gets a say in the selection of a candidate!  But what’s really important is the sexualized image of her “shed[ding] pantsuits for PR” – particularly in an “otherized” locale, in a community of brown people.   You know, perhaps she really is happier and more effective in “…a pink floral tunic, white Capri pants, and what appeared to be Feragamo white leather slides,” but we’ll never know, because she’s not actually on vacation, she’s campaigning for the presidency of the United States, and I think the Senator would far prefer it to be reported that she spoke to issues specific to PR, rather than that her campaign stop turned into some shameful product placement, with tongue not-particularly-far-in-cheek references to sex work.

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