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Posted by pocochina on May 7, 2008

To:  The Estate of Eleanor Stegeberg
From:  Pocochina
Re:  Your Asshole Husband

I feel it is my personal and professional duty to inform you that decedent’s husband is a sexist piece of crap, who should just shut the fuck up, for the good of the country and party.  Of course, I will hold him, and decedent, in my heart for all of my days as one inseparable unit, a two-headed anti-my-candidate monster, if you will, but that doesn’t mean he has any right to be speaking in public like he was people and shit.  I mean, really, next they will be wanting the vote and everything.

You’re probably wondering, why am I writing this letter to you?  I mean, you’re not him, you’re a whole other person.  This estate may have had some influence over his decision, maybe, maybe not, but we don’t know, so I’m going to talk to you.  As George has just taught me, you’re not just responsible for his decisions, you are the appropriate person to whom to take my concerns.

You might also be wondering, why have I chosen to write this in a public forum, on my livejournal, rather than appealing privately, by phone or letter, to either the estate or to Mr McGovern himself.  This could, after all, potentially be embarrassing to the party.  The press meme, after all, has been that the Democrats are eating each other alive, and a public betrayal which throws red meat to this idiotic meme can only increase this problem that the press and DNC have dreamed up.  It kind of looks like all I really want is attention and feedback from people who I am sure will agree with me, rather than something which could be beneficial to any actual convictions I may or may not be espousing.  Also, of course, the fact that all over the internet, people have been saying the exact same thing I am saying is in no way indicative of a skewed perception that my statements are Way More Important than theirs, which is why it’s very important that I have this conversation with you.  Rather than him.  The person involved.  In a public forum.  However, my clear desire for attention is far, far less important than the fact that this guy needs to stop doing his freaking job the way he sees fit, and start doing it the way I see fit, which is not to do it at all.  Seriously.  Just make him shut up already.  Please.


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