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Posted by pocochina on April 29, 2008

Three times in the last six days, some asshole has, on national television, joked about the murder of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.  That’s less than a week.  None of these fuckers have been fired or suspended.  Olbermann has grudgingly offered a half an apology.  That’s all you have to do if you suggest killing someone, if that someone dares to walk and talk and go out in public while in possession of a vagina.  If anyone stumbles on a reporter, journalist, or Lefty Dood blogger who gives a raving shit whether or not a US Senator lives or is violently murdered, please let me know; in the meantime, I’m going to consider them all useless fucking hypocrites.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Oh.  And also via Shakes, the people charged with protecting her from the lunatics who are hearing these jokes?  Are busy planting fucking nooses all over training centers.  They’re also supposed to be protecting Barack Obama.  I don’t have to be a supporter to point out that he absolutely deserves – and clearly needs – better protection than this.


I’ll be actually thinking and posting after my international law exam.  On which I want to do really well now, so I can have the option to get the fuck out of here.  Because if they’re coming for Hillary, they’re coming for me too.

ETA (bumping this up from comments, thanks celiloquy for prodding me to refine my thoughts):  If some brown foreign person publicly laughed at the idea the murder of a senator, we would call it terrorism. But since it’s white Americans talking about HRC, it’s a joke.

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