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Very Serious Observation

Posted by pocochina on April 16, 2008

God, guns, and xenophobia really are the deciding factors for those poor rubes in small towns, and that’s why Pennsylvania (with nearly half of its twelve million voters in the Philadelphia metro area alone) is trending Clinton.

This explains the devastating losses Senator Obama suffered in low-density population states like Alaska, Wyoming, and North Dakota, and also highlights his clear lead in the three most densely populated (and also among the most wealthy and highly educated) states in the country, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Oh.  Wait.

Way to insult your own voters.

Or to just have made a really fucking stupid generalization which could be easily refuted.  How did nobody call him on that? How?  Look, I don’t think hate and a desire for a heavily-armed theocracy are driving small-town Democrats.  If those are someone’s priorities, that person is not voting for a Democrat, ever.  But if I were a candidate for national office with any sense of irony and self-awareness making a legitimacy argument based at least in part on rural states, I sure as fuck wouldn’t insinuate the things that he did about the voters in those very states.

And wasn’t it just a fucking nice touch that one of those small towns full of haters is the one where teeny Hillary Rodham spent part of her childhood?  Nice.  Really, really classy.

(I hope, though doubt, that this will be my last word on classism-is-the-new-pink-gate.)

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