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just one day without this crap, please

Posted by pocochina on April 5, 2008



When MoDo feels the chauvinism?  It’s an ew.

Touring a manufacturing plant in Allentown, Pa., Tuesday, he was flirtatious, winking and grinning at the women working there,

Because teh wimminz must not be getting laid, and a little flattery will do you, and they don’t want to hear about policy!

calling one “Sweetie,”

Calling someone you know and care about “sweetie” is debatable.  God knows I have to fight back the “honey” with casual friends, but fight it back I do, because some people don’t like it, and the only way you know is by knowing them.  But calling someone you don’t know “sweetie,” particularly with the power dynamics of her being a factory worker and you being a U.S. Senator, is a gendered way of treating someone dismissively.

telling another she was “beautiful,”

Also dismissive, and ignorant of disturbing power dynamics.  I hate it when men I don’t know compliment me.  It’s insidious because I’ve been taught to believe I should want compliments, particularly compliments that signify male approval, but it does nothing except remind me that I can’t even leave the house without becoming subject to their approval or disapproval.  It leaves me feeling self-conscious and angry with myself and with them and with everyone else around me.

and imitating his daughters’ dance moves by twirling around.

Because women couldn’t possibly want to talk about anything but each other’s kids.  Yes, his children are adorable, but if he was indeed addressing a group of women who either are or want to be parents, it was even more important for him to talk about, you know, policy that affects either them or their kids.  This, by the way, is something Senator Clinton does masterfully.  She doesn’t just want to know about your kids, she wants to know that she wants you to worry a little less on how to take care of them.

Later, at a Scranton town hall, he went up to Denise Mercuri, a pharmacist from Dunmore wearing a Hillary button. “What do I need to do? Do you want me on my knees?” he charmed, before promising: “I’ll give you a kiss.”

AGAIN.  Dismissive and condescending.  Maybe she has a wife at home waiting to give her a kiss, and she’s feeling particularly annoyed that Senator Obama couldn’t be bothered to return a phone call from the gay press, let alone talk to them.  Maybe she supports Senator Clinton because – gasp! – she agrees with HRC on policy issues.  THE HORROR.  And, of course, it plays into the stereotype that we women are just so difficult, we must want to utterly humiliate the men when we side with another women – it must be irrational, it must, and it must require a solution that pays tribute to our irrationality.

Just…more disappointment.

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