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Posted by pocochina on April 3, 2008

On the new economy 3 AM ad:

Yes, Virginia, there can be an economic crisis at 3 AM.  No, it’s not likely, but it’s worth remembering that we live in a global economy.  3 AM in Washington, DC is 4 PM in Tokyo.  The rest of the world matters, kidz, even if they are like in a different time  zone and language and EVERYTHANG.

Also, this reiterates what I’ve been saying (well, you know, typing) for weeks now.  Having two Democratic candidates is not stopping the Democrats from going after McCain.  Democrats who go on talking head shows and then moan about what a mean old beeyatch that Hillary is for daring to run in an election and all are the ones failing to attack McCain. It should be easier to go after him personally right now, because he can’t go after anyone personally right back.  Good on you, HRC, for setting an example for the entire rest of our party.

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