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Posted by pocochina on March 25, 2008

Today’s All-High Badass Dick-Swingin’ Motherfucker, in a surprise upset* is Jeff Fecke!

This sucks especially coming from Jeff, who I’ve genuinely read as a feminist (or a feminist ally, I’m not sure which he prefers).  But I call douchery where I see douchery, so, here we are, Jeff.

Clinton Tries to Reignite the Wright Controversy

First sign of douchery:  lying in the title.  As the article you linked your damned self shows, she did not “try” to “reignite” anything.  She was asked a question about an ongoing controversy.

Dear Sen. Clinton,

Aw, look at you, all respectful and shit.  Soon bitch will be getting the idea that she’s people.

This is not helpful:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton broke her week-long silence Tuesday morning about Senator Barack Obama’s relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, saying that she would have changed churches if her pastor had made the racially divisive and anti-American remarks that Mr. Wright had made.

“He would not have been my pastor,” Mrs. Clinton told reporters and editors at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review as she interviewed for the paper’s editorial endorsement. “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.”

Excellent use of selective quotation there.  What you failed to include was the question which preceeded it, which practically begged her to call Obama out on his fucking bullshit, and she very classily stated about four hundred and seventy two times that she could only speak to what she wanted and what she would do, and that she feels, quite rightly, that “it’s important to speak out against hate speech.”  And Reverend Wright’s sermons, when they are political, are frequently – in fact, I’m gonna go ahead and guess usually – good, substantive progressive stuff.  But there was some which came uncomfortably close to hate speech.

Some of that hate speech, may I remind you, was directed at her.  Personally.  And she stayed out of it for a long fucking time.  In fact, those sermons have been public for some time, as has Senator Obama’s membership at TUCC.  You don’t think this would have helped her in Virginia?  You don’t think she knows it would have helped her in Virginia?  You don’t think it would have been easy, so easy, for some unknown staffer to slip onto a public computer and comment on some middling-traffic blog two days before Super Tuesday?  She didn’t do this. And to place the blame for our hateful, bigoted, dumb-assed mainstream media on her shoulders is disgusting.

Now, I understand why you’re playing this card at this point;

Playing what card?  The show up in the same room as a press corps card?  And nice what to insinuate that she’s playing the “race card.”  Which would fly if she had actually brought it up, but since she didn’t, that’s a tough assertion to prove.

the Wright controversy was a bad moment for the Obama campaign,

“Was” is past tense, there, Jeff, but other than that, you could totally diagram this sentence, so I guess you get half a cookie.

but all evidence indicates that Obama’s speech on race ended the controversy for all intents and purposes.

If by “all evidence” you mean “no evidence except my opinion, which is actually not particularly commendable on Wright and his sexism – nor even perfect on Obama and his sexism,” then, yeah, I guess that’s right, but here in the real world, our shitty press corps is still yammering about it day in and day out.  Here on my feminist, Clinton-supporting space, I’ve defended Wright. Not Obama, the guy in the pews, but Wright, the guy making and fucking selling misogynist sermons.  I’ve bent over backwards to say that I don’t think Obama should have to answer for his preacher.  Frankly, I am disappointed that this is what the press corps has their Y-fronts in a twist over, considering the deep and unaddressed problems I have with Senator Obama and his campaign.  So I don’t want to hear about how Clinton supporters think this is just the gift that keeps on giving.

And, let’s face it, there doesn’t seem to be much else to hit Obama with.


Oh.  You meant that.  Sorry, dude.

Obama has run a campaign that has reaped benefits on misogyny, homophobia, and, yes, racism. Here in my wee little livejournal, we call them things issues.  They’re not issues that are popular to bring up, but they are issues.  So it reads to me that when you say there’s “not much to hit him with,” you mean nothing that matters.  I matter, Jeff, and so do all the other women in this country.   The LGBTQ community matters.  The South Asian community matters.  So I’m going to fucking take offense when you say there’s nothing with which to “hit” him.

But Sen. Clinton, bringing Wright back up, especially after Obama made an appeal to America to discuss race in a more open and honest way, makes you look…

….like someone who was asked an asshat question by an asshat reporter?  That’s what it looked like to me.  Oh, there I go with my reality bong again.  Tough shit to kick, that reality.

well, like the caricature of you that Chris Matthews has been trying to draw, the caricature of someone willing to play dirty, to hit below the belt, to bring the party down rather than risk losing.

Which caricature Chris Matthews has been trying to draw?  The Nurse Ratched one?  The pimp one?  (Yeah, I know it was Shuster, but the Boyz at MSNBC defended him, and I’m holding those motherfuckers accountable.)  The wussy crying girl one?  You’re agreeing with Chris Matthews, Jeff, that shit needs to come with a helluva lot more qualifiers.  And by the way, Jeff, it’s not like it’s just Chris Matthews, it’s the entire media.  The ones we all swim in every fucking second of every fucking day.  So a perspective check wouldn’t have been totally out of line.

the caricature of someone willing to play dirty, to hit below the belt, to bring the party down rather than risk losing.

And as we all know, Clinton is the only one running a campaign willing to play dirty!  I heard she’s trying to get the DNC to not count people’s vot – OH WAIT.

This is not helpful, Sen. Clinton. Not to Barack Obama, but not to you, either.

I’m not exactly clear on why what’s “helpful” to Barack Obama should even cross her fucking mind.

It makes you look petty.

Way to start off with an ugly antifeminist stereotype.

It makes you look unpresidential.

I realize this president hasn’t taken a whole lot of questions from the press, or any initiative at all to condemn hate speech, but that doesn’t mean it’s not part of the job. 

And most of all, it makes you look like a loser.


If you’re going to convince Democratic superdelegates to override the choice of Obama,

Obama talking point bingo!  First of all, the superdelegates won’t be “overriding” a choice, they’ll be doing their jobs.  Second of all, lots of us either haven’t chosen Obama, haven’t gotten to choose yet, or have chosen and are being ignored, so get off your freaking high horse.

you’re not going to get it done with these kind of bush-league tactics.

She was mean, so she’s Bush.  Or is that “bush” heh-heh?  Either way, BAD CHOICE OF WORDS.

If you keep this up, you will lose.

Please make a note of it.

I busted up this letter, so it’s kind of hard to feel the oozing disrespect, the dismissiveness, and the total contempt, but these last two lines sum it up pretty nice, don’t you think?


Jeff Fecke

Also, you guys, I can’t post the whole comments section, but there’s Clinton-baiting, feminist-concern-ignoring, and of course no acknowledgment from the writer that he totally ignored (willfully or due to a sad and sudden onslaught of Clinton Derangement Syndrome) the context of the comments made.

ETA:  In the interests of being Fair and Balanced, Jeff did write a one-sentence comment on a totally misogynist statement by a DNC official. So I guess he really does care about feminism and the Democratic party.  Rly.

*Sit down, Matthew Yglesias, you made a strong showing as usual, but you have such potential, I’m going to hold out until you show us how bright you really shine.

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