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in which i blow my gasket over something relatively minor

Posted by pocochina on March 20, 2008

I don’t know where this idiot meme got started, (maybe here) but I want to do a Logic Check.

Ezra the All-High Badass Dick-Swingin’ Motherfucker* Says:

….Family and Medical Leave Act, another product of the Dodd-Kennedy duo which Clinton takes credit for, had nothing to do with her.

Nothing to do with her!  Them’s fightin’ words!  Silly Hillary, making things up as usual!

Her site talks abut her experience “Helping to pass the Family and Medical Leave Act,”

Helping?  If you think “helping” is the same as “taking credit,” one (or more) of those words does not mean what you think it means.  “Helping” implies an ancillary part of a group effort, in fact, in context, it’s the exact opposite of “taking credit,” which implies leadership or sole responsibility.  Helping?!  Why, you’d think from that regal language that Queen Hillary Spaketh, and lo, it was so!  Where does she get off?  Or, you’d think that maybe she was part of a huge, concerted effort on an important issue that affected the entire fucking country.

but her newly released records show that she never held a meeting or hearing on the bill.

And, as we all know, everything she ever did in six decades was contained in a day planner which spans eight years.  She sprang from the head of Zeus as a full-grown, headband-wearin’ First Lady!  It’s almost like magic!  And you know what else, I like HRC and I didn’t read through the whole fucking thing.  So points for that.

And given that Bill Clinton signed the FMLA 10 days after he entered office, it’s a bit hard to see what role she could have played.

I am going to use my wild, active imagination here, and my KILLER FUCKING RESEARCH SKILLZ, and come up with a theory.  How in God’s name could a prominent Democrat, someone who was twice named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America, who sat on the board of the Children’s Defense Fund, and who worked on the Committee of Women in the Profession of some tiny little unknown organization (by which I mean the American Bar Association, which is KIND OF A BIG DEAL) have anything to do with the Family and Medical Leave Act?  I’m RACKING MY GODDAMN BRAIN.  No way she could have met with committees, or provided studies, or worked with representatives and senators from Arkansas or neighboring southern states to try to convince them to vote for it.  I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING.  AND I GAVE IT LIKE A WHOLE MINUTE AND A HALF.  She must be a lying-ass motherfucker.

I’m not saying she did any of those things.  I don’t know, I wasn’t there, I was busy reading about the Sweet Valley Twins or some shit.**  But it’s not “hard to see” how she would have been involved, unless you assume that the only thing she ever did was be the First Lady, which is not true.   It makes perfect fucking sense that she would have been involved.  So to imply that she’s a random-ass liar, based just on her day planner from the time of the Clinton Administration, is to directly ignore all the work in her life from before that time period.  It’s a little thing, really, in the scope of all the crap that gets thrown at Senator Clinton, but it’s emblematic of the desire so many people seem to have, which is to take everything she says or does and twist it into a self-aggrandizing lie.  I’m all for skepticism when it comes to elected officials, but jumping straight to accusations of lies and credit-stealing, admittedly based on the entries in ten days of a fucking day planner, isn’t skepticism, it’s silliness.

*Yes, I’m aware that he’s far from the worst.   But it caught my eye and pissed me off.

**Shut up, I was in first grade.  I stole it from my cousins because I wanted a chapter book for myself.

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