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Posted by pocochina on February 26, 2008

Dear idiots who believed the fucking Drudge Report:

You are still idiots.

Oh, Jesus Mary and Joseph. It’s not like it’s this is even the first time a right-wing media outlet has accused Senator Clinton of doing their dirty work for them.

This is a perfect example of the Clinton Rules at work. The Clinton Rules as a group, in effect, are that all rumors about the Clintons are true. All of them. There are no rules of proof in the world of journalism when it comes to Senator or President Clinton.* (It’s why Whitewater, which was essentially a real estate deal that didn’t go so well, turned into a scandal; it’s why the President and his lovely wife were demonized when their friend’s life ended in a tragic suicide. Conversely, it’s why real estate deals with criminals made by other politicians go largely unreported – if it’s not about either or both Clintons, the standard rules of journalism, like checking sources and stuff, apply.) So when Drudge ran this idiot story, claiming that “a Clinton staffer” had emailed it around, the Obama camp immediately took it as true even though – I can’t even imagine someone being conscious and granting that allegation credibility (hey, did you hear your phone? ‘Cause Spicoli called and said to cut you off) – it surfaced on Drudge.

It was the perfect smear, and the Obama campaign knew exactly what it was doing when they set out to capitalize on it. See, it couldn’t be refuted right away, because hundreds and hundreds of people have worked, campaigned, and volunteered for Senator Clinton. (It’s not true, so it’s a moot point, but even if Drudge had lucked out like he did with that story about that sweet kid from San Francisco Maggie Williams still couldn’t have categorically denied it right away – she mightn’t have even been on the campaign when it would have been sent out.) Hell, if the photographer on the official trip took that picture and mailed it as per his/her job, and said photographer now works for the good Senator, then technically, someone from the Clinton campaign at some point handled the picture. Not that this is what I think happened, but it’s possible. What’s more likely is that some right-wing lunatic dug the picture up, thought it proved that ZOMG OBAMA IS SCARY and started passing it around. At some point, some low-level staffer or part time volunteer for Clinton made a despicable lapse in judgment and forwarded the email that had already been around the world.

What’s most likely of all, however, is that Drudge or one of the people he hires to make him look literate dug the photo up, and they were going to run it anyway, but they knew everyone would believe a bad story about Senator Clinton, so they lied. Then they’re not the racist hatemongers, oh no, they’re reporting on an allegation about Senator Clinton!  Because, as shown in the paragraph above, there exist feasible scenarios where what they said was technically, factually true, even though their implication (that HILLARY HER MASTERMIND EVIL SELF WAS OUT TO KNEECAP POOR BARACK OBAMA) was patently false. So then the wingnuts get an early taste of the foul xenophobia that awaits us in the general if Senator Obama receives the nomination, and Senator Clinton is conveniently tainted by having her name dragged through the evil of it all.

Is the racism behind this whole “Obama is a Muslim/bad black man” deplorable? Should everyone who engages in it be roundly criticized? ABSOLUTELY. But it is also deplorable for the bowels of the right wing to dig this up and use it against Senator Clinton, for them to try to smear her with their very own filth.

And race and gender, outside of the little bloggy bubble more and more of us are finding, are the largest two elephants to occupy a single room. It’s rare, and difficult, to look at Senator Obama’s campaign with an honest eye towards the inexcusable racial inequities that exist in this country. It is nothing short of scapegoating the burden of American racism onto Hillary Clinton, since nobody else has been held accountable.** This, of course, is also why the superdelegate fiasco became THE FIGHT TO SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY. Because if we do that, and throw Hillary to the Foxes (geddit? see what I did there?) then we can act as if we’ve Done Something about the caucuses, and the nondemocratic calendar, and we can hide behind Rules! And! Regulations! to disenfranchise Florida and Michigan Democrats. We want to give her the faults of the entire party, so we can feel justified about rejecting her, even though she has fought for us for her entire life.

Or maybe, maybe Senator Obama’s campaign actually believes the putrid antipathy they are spreading about Senator Clinton, and they are so immersed in it that they run a search every morning on Senator Clinton, and they didn’t think to check their sources because they feel they need no evidence whatsoever to act on something.  You know, when it’s about her.  And it was an emotional, angry response, at evil forces in this country against which their candidate has struggled his entire life.  But even if it was, it should have been source-checked, and backed up by fact.

It’s not likely, though, that between the online researcher, the people who draft briefs, and the Obama Campaign spokesman who reached the press this morning, nobody thought to check twice.

Senator Obama was the victim of a hateful, racist society this morning.  It’s happened before, and I’m both sorrowful and certain that it’ll happen again.  But for his campaign to lay blame at the feet of Senator Clinton, with no proof other than a well-known conservative shill, is reprehensible.

And for any Democrat to even be reading Drudge, or anything that comes out of the right wing?  I mean, you know, other than for laughs?  Come on, folks.

*Dude, they have re-defined power couple. Party on, Wayne.
**I am not excusing the racism that came out of people campaigning on behalf of Senator Clinton which occurred earlier in the campaign. That was deplorable, and while I was deeply disappointed, I respect both Clintons for taking responsibility. It’s simply not what’s going on here.

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