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“you’re GWB!” “no, YOU’RE GWB!”

Posted by pocochina on February 5, 2008

I almost left this comment at Feministe, in response to this article but I was too fucking annoyed and I really, really don’t like being impolite on someone else’s space.  I am sure I’ll get over that soon, but it’s Super Tuesday and I’m revved, so I’m leaving it here.

I’m actually kind of sorry I read this.  I don’t like the “you’re GWB!”  “No, YOU’RE GWB!”  tone of it.

Yes, I am a HRC supporter.  No, it is not because I think it is the One True Feminist Way.  Because I like her.  Some of us actually do like her.  Just like I trust that feminists can support Obama, I expect other feminists to be able to trust that progressives can like HRC.  And the refusal to believe that’s possible – that we could like her for ANY OTHER REASON THAN HER VAGINA – is, quite frankly, baffling.  And their feminism is better than mine, nyah nyah nyah, I get it.

Particularly being 23, highly educated, and idealistic myself – OMG WHO DO I VOTE FOR?

I bend over backwards – and so does EVERY OTHER CLINTON SUPPORTER I KNOW – to say that yes, Obama is a good candidate, no, I don’t think it’s anti-feminist to vote for him.  (I do personally tend to question the eagerness to overlook the fact that he’s knowingly capitalized on overt misogyny for his entire campaign, but whatev, I accept everyone has a different bottom line, it’s good and keeps us thinking about different things.)   But pretending he’s some huge progressive messiah is not a fact-based assertion, it’s crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.  Which is fine, but don’t pretend you’re fucking superior.  And don’t pretend a vote for Clinton is selling out progressive ideals, but a vote for Obama isn’t.  They’re both moderate-to-liberal Democrats.  Hillary’s best on my issues (health care, repro rights, showing up to vote) but I accept it’s not the same for everyone.  Cool.  But acting like either of them are anything other than cool-headed centrists on military and foreign policy issues is flat-out ridiculous.  She isn’t planning to bomb Mecca while Obama is all trying to hold hands and sing camp songs with Musharraf.  We don’t know how he’d have voted on Iraq.  Give me a friggin’ break.  He wasn’t in the Senate.  It was a lot more comfortable for us off Capitol Hill to decide we couldn’t trust the CIA and fucking Secretary of State – and I was down on the National Mall in 2003 protesting the war before it was cool, y’all – she crossed her fingers and hoped for the best, hoped and believed she could trust her country.  Good God.  Funding the war?  Same votes in the last four years.  And….well that’s all we really, truly have to compare them on.

Again, I accept and truly understand that that’s too big a sin for some people.  I get it, and I’m okay with it, and I’m glad people are angry about the war, I am too.  But trying to paint HRC as this psycho neoconservative warmonger and Obama as some peacenik hippie to the left of Willie friggin’ Nelson is wrongheaded and reeks of projection.  We want a true progressive candidate, so he is one?  Give me a break.

Racism and sexism are huge, frightening problems in this country.  One isn’t any worse than the other.   I am saying that because I fucking believe it.  And the candidates are not all that different.  So I’m stepping back, as far as I can from the sordid accusations of the last 15 months, and prioritizing my issues.  I trust that you can do the same, even if we don’t necessarily agree.  Because none of us is GWB, none of us are warmongers, and all of us are feminists.


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