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Posted by pocochina on January 29, 2008

Oh, Hillary.  Oh, my heart.



Doubtless, of course, she is pandering, plus HER HUSBAND SIGNED DADT and clearly they are married so they are the SAME PERSON (forget that things were even worse before DADT, and Bill did the best he could at the time, and both Clintons are on the record as wanting to change the law to make it better), plus she is a manipulative castrating bitch, OBVSLY, and Obama never panders, so the fact that she specifically chose to speak on this issue and put it on her website shows that we should all vote for Obama right now.  Everything good Hillary does or says is TOTALLY FAKE and a reason to vote for ANYONE ELSE.  *rolls eyes*  I’m not making this up, BTW, I’m getting it from the first twenty or so comments at AmericaBlog.

She CHOSE to speak on behalf of people who are triply marginalized – youths (who, remember CANNOT VOTE, and hence by definition cannot be subjects of alleged pandering), LGBTQ individuals, and people suffering from depression.  It’s a Republican Hate Trifecta.  (Oh, and plus being the right thing to do, it is also good politics, because the only jerks who are going to be angry about this are people who wouldn’t vote for a Democrat anyway.)  And….oh, my heart.  My head and my heart.  This issue is a travesty and I am so proud to see a presidential candidate take it on.


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