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fuck you

Posted by pocochina on November 5, 2007

Fuck you, Kate Michelman.  Seriously?  We know you have major cognitive dissonance issues (see:  NARAL endorsing anti-choice legislation, supporting Republican incumbents, overall sucking).  But shut the fuck up.

You?  Are exactly the reason why  SO MANY women will vote for Senator Clinton even if they disagree with her on critical issues.  (By they, I mean WE.  I’ve thrown my lot behind Hillary simply because I am sick and tired of this crap being used to discredit women, including myself, and so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt because it has to go to someone.)  SHE DID NOT PLAY “THE GENDER CARD,” AND EVEN IF SHE HAD, YOU HAVE JUST SHOWN THE WHOLE WORLD WHY SHE WOULD BE JUSTIFIED IF SHE DID.  She will never, ever be given a fair chance in the minds of those who irrationally despise her, but for anyone who wasn’t quite sure, you just gave us one more reason to give her the benefit of the doubt.  She didn’t say a cotton-pickin’ WORD about it, she put out an ad saying “hey look, nobody can stop talking about me!  I must be doing well!”  And you went OMG SHE HAS GIRL PARTS!  DOESN’T SHE KNOW???  YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PRETEND YOU DON’T!  Nice talk, from the fucking head of an abortion rights organization.  Especially one whose candidate ranks lower on the repro rights scale than Senator Clinton.  (Last I checked, anyway.)

You disagree with her on the merits?  Fine, engage her on the merits.  Be my fucking guest.  Convince me.  Sell me.  I’m a registered Democrat from a swing state, and I vote, dammit.  But don’t play this crap.  This just makes me think your candidate is sitting around hoping American Democrats are so fucking sexist we’ll give up our best shot at a victory next year.  I want better for my country and my party and you, apparantly, don’t.

You?  Are the reason women don’t trust other women.  You are those girls in the locker room saying she’s a slut/prude who stuffs her bra/doesn’t match.  You’re that student who says she’d take women’s studies if only the other girls would be nicer.  You are a woman who sees an opportunity to score tiny points off of another woman by bowing and scraping to the patriarchy, only it’s not just wrong, but the height of hypocrisy when you know better.  And you know better.

I can’t help but think this is just an extended “I’m not a feminist but….” sort of situation.  Except it’s, “oh, gee whiz, I’m a feminist, I just want to pretend that nothing I know applies in this situation, because if it does, I’ve made a huge mistake!”*

I hate being angry at other feminists because, hello, George Bush is the president, there’s plenty of anger to go around anyway.  But this shit just makes my blood boil.

*You have.  Deal.

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