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Posted by pocochina on October 31, 2007


Okay. I was just disappointed in Barack Obama. Now I’m pissed.

I am so freaking sick of the “I’m not a politician” bullshit. Saying you’re not Washington – and while we’re at it, fuck you for denigrating Washington, because I fucking love this country, and like it or not, DC is where it gets run – doesn’t make you not a politician. Being a bad politician does not make you not a politician. It makes you a bad politician. All he had to do to get progressive support – probably including my vote, I’m not going to lie – was not fuck up spectacularly. Just fuck up only moderately, that would have been fine. All he had to do was just pretend to be what he said he was. Just pretend. Just not get caught being a manipulative, pandering tool any more than he had to be. (Yes. Politicians have to pander and manipulate some. We live in a system that demands it. But you minimize. You only do it when you have to, and when it has little to no practical effect.)

I thought I was going to vomit when he got up in front of a group of people and did the whole “first spouse doesn’t matter” trip the day after his wife quit her job. Hey, you know what would have been really awesome? A First Lady who had a badass career of her own, kept it, did what she did best to do some good on the campaign trail, and retained the popularity to be elected to office almost immediately after her husband’s term. A First Lady who publicly said “I’m not my husband, I have a brain and heart and postgraduate degree and career in my own right, and if you don’t like it, I’m just going to spend my entire life telling you where to shove it.” Someone like, oh, grasping for a name here, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Yeah. I’d rather have a woman president who wasn’t a spouse of a previous president. But it’s symptomatic of our society that we haven’t. Oooh, blame women for living in a patriarchy, how original, how fucking revolutionary.

Americans say we’re sick of Washingon. And we’ve been saying it since the federal government opened up shop there. Americans are also bullshit liars. We’re not sick of Washington. We’re sick of people we disagree with running Washington. We don’t want some fresh-eyed idealist (not that he is one, but I’ll go with it for a second). When we get them, they tend to be thrown out of office after their first term, or convinced by their handlers to do stupid fucking things like demand war reparations from Germany. We want people who will represent our interests while screwing us over as little as possible. Which means “not Washington” is, right now, exactly what we don’t want. And being BAD at being Washington is even worse.

Because the Democratic nomination? Is a fucking cakewalk compared to the general election. This doesn’t even count as hurt feelings. The GOP, as wrong as they always are, is damned good at their game. What they do is nearly universally unethical, and is often illegal, but unfortunately, it’s effective. So “OMG, I forgot I hired a bigoted lunatic to stand up in front of people and say bigoted, lunatic things,” which isn’t even going to cut it in the primary, is basically going to get us killed at the polls next November. We know they don’t care about gay rights, and they know we know they don’t care about gay rights, and it’s not going to be about that. It’s about making a mountain out of a molehill (albeit a hateful molehill, which wouldn’t have happened at all if anyone on his campaign had a freaking clue what they were doing) to distract us from the utter destruction of the Constitutional protections on which this country was founded. Americans have already heard the foaming at the mouth lunacy about Clinton. Over, and over, and over for fifteen years. (And piggybacking off of that lunacy knowing that it’s lunacy, while some of it can’t be helped, shouldn’t be done consciously, since women are a huge part of the Democratic constituency. Just sayin’. I’m looking at you, too, John Edwards.)

AND WHILE WE ARE AT IT. Dear progressives who piss and moan about Hillary not being progressive enough? She’s doing the best she can with the hand she was dealt, in this case, a system that expects women to be all things to everyone. She’s fighting a national fight against seven other Democrats, at least one of whom thinks domestic violence is no big fucking deal, and an entire opposition party who uses her as a code word for their vicious, misogynist statements. Let’s do, please, blame women for living in a patriarchy. Please. That game just never gets old. Even though we’ve been playing it for millenia. NOT TO MENTION, if every IDIOT “Democrat” who keeps saying “oh, she’s just not electable,” gets off their asses and votes next November? It will be a lock. So be honest with yourself about your freaking misogyny and get over it.

IN FACT, OTHER NOMINEES: you are in fact proving that she is electable every fucking time you make a question about her and not you. Because she is fending off policy disagreements with ease and grace. All you’re doing is showing everyone how she can withstand a GOP attack, and you, as far as we know, won’t know how, because all you’re doing is going “but-but-status quo! But-but-but-GWB! IRAN! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!” And your whole position can’t be “I’m NOT THAT BITCH!” And that’s all you’re getting coverage for. (Except Dodd. Here, have a cookie.) So SHUDDUP.

ETA: Just watched the Infamous Debate Clip, the one where Obama and Edwards got on her for an allegedly inconsistent answer. Naturally, they were misunderstanding/misconstruing/flat-out lying about what she’d said. What she said was “He [Gov. Spitzer, in issuing identification and drivers licences to illegal immigrants] dealing with a huge problem, the best way witin his power. It can’t be a state-to-state solution, though, and we, the federal government have failed so far. It’s critical to bring people out of the shadows.” What she gave was a factual, honest, well-reasoned response that won’t get her nailed in the general. And then – bunch of idiots – jumped on her going NYAAAAAAAAH YOURE GEORGE BUSH YOU HATE IMMIGRANTS NYAAAAAAAAAAAH HAHAHA GOTCHA SEE SEE SEE? TAG YOURE IT” and then went on to say that they think illegal immigrants should get driver’s licenses. Now that’s a perfectly sensible position too – although it is a state position, but I didn’t get the sense that anyone on stage would veto legislation forcing all states to do so – but “perfectly sensible” NEVER plays well in the general unless there’s a whole lot of qualifiers and not a lot of stupid.

Oh, I’ll vote for whoever the Dem nominee is, and I’ll do it with a clear conscience, because every Democratic candidate is a damn sight better than every Republican candidate. But I doubt I’ll be happy about anyone but Hillary.

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