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shove it, giuliani

Posted by pocochina on October 15, 2007

Okay.  Mostly, I despise Mayor Giuliani because he fucked over the firefighters on 9/11.  Oh, and how he takes credit for lowering the crime rate in NYC while rejecting the very policies that helped him lower that crime rate.  (As in, functionally literate people know that handguns kill people, so you should crack down on illegal handguns if people are getting killed.  As in he was a pro-choice New Yorker but now he’s all but (if not actually) promised to establish anti-choice judges and Justices.  As Jon Stewart (*fans self*) so perceptively observed about Senator Spector – “I have principles, but it’s not like I’m going to stand by them or anything.”  Because he craves the authoritarian privilege that comes, however rightly or wrongly, in a tragic crisis.


Okay.  First of all, Vento likes him because he’s another Italian.  I am speaking as an Italian-Irish-American WITH ROOTS IN SOUTH PHILLY SO SHOVE IT.  Having a vowel at the end of your name is fucking currency in Philadelphia.  (It’s a-hundred – a – t’ousand euros!  And a-spicy meat-a-ball e un piccolo vino, bambinos e bambinas!)  And Vento, and Giuliani, I STRONGLY suspect, are as despicable as they are over the whole immigration issue simply because it’s another guy’s turn.  Traffic and Benicio del Toro work well for them because they remember when everyone thought The Godfather was how OUR KIND lived.*  Because that shit sucked for Italian-Americans.  It wasn’t right, and it wasn’t fair, and it was a vicious self-fulfilling prophecy, because if nobody will hire your brown self and all Uncle Giovanni wants is for you to deliver a package so you can feed your family, and he’s only asking because you were always his favorite, you smart boy you, well, what do you expect?  Yes.  There were one or two generations of Italian-Americans where everyone in the neighborhood knew a cousin who had a job you weren’t supposed to talk about.  (I stress that the correlary probably isn’t true for Hispanic-Americans.  But bollocks if the right wing isn’t trying to make it that way.)

And the superiority narrative!  MY GOD!  “I came here legally!”  (My great-aunt is quite the spitfire.  Without her daily pint of whisky in her.)  THERE WERE NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.  I am so fucking sick of that bullshit.  Yes.  The passage through Ellis Island was terrifying, it was controlled but barely, by immigration officials so overwhelmed and ignorant they were more likely than not to misspell and permanently alter the name that was all you’d carried with you.  But the only difference between our ancestors I’M LOOKING AT YOU DUMBASS ITALIAN REPUBLICANS and those Mexican-Americans you love to revile is that they got here by a different kind of boat SO SHOVE IT.

We’re still playing this game?  Really?  We have so little going for us that all we can say is WE’RE WHITER THAN JOSE?  FUCK YOU!  I DON’T CARE WHO I’M WHITER THAN!  I WANT EDUCATION AND HEALTH CARE AND REAL FOREIGN POLICY!

Yes, it’s personal.  I’m a third/fourth generation American, depending on which side of the family I’m looking at.  (I can’t even talk about the Irish thing without twitching.  The irony of Bill O’Reilly doing an anti-immigrant song and dance, when he tells everyone every freaking day he’s so Irish he shits potatoes is just guh.)  And I am proud of and knowledgeable about my American citizenship and my heritage from the Old Countries.  It’s part of who I am and how I was raised and I’m entitled to that.  The difference between me and those useless TOOLS is that I’m not an exceptionalist.  I think that all Americans deserve that.

*It’s not.  Unless you piss me off.  Then, I know a guy.

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