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Posted by pocochina on October 11, 2007

Okay.  I want a trans-inclusive ENDA.  I think it’s unconscionable that someone can be fired for being transgender in this country.  I want to call every fucking “free-market conservative”* and ask why they don’t think a the right of a to work qualified individual should be protected, I want to call up every “pro-life”** Republican and ask why they don’t think a parent’s right to earn a living for one’s children doesn’t deserve the full protection fo the federal government.

But it is also unconscionable to throw gay, lesbian, and bisexual Americans under the bus when there’s a chance to protect their rights to work.

And it is stupid to blame Representative Frank and Speaker Pelosi for this.  You want to write a letter?  Write it to the people who’d vote for a gay-inclusive ENDA but not a trans-inclusive one.  They’re being stupid.  Someone should tell them that.

Blame the bigots who won’t vote for any ENDA because they are unmitigated bigots.

Blame the reactionary elements of our society that piss their pants at the thought of anyone revealing the gender binary for the load of crap that it is.

But step the hell off the Speaker, who’s stood in front of the national press and called for transgender rights.  Who is breaking down the gender divide her damn self by wielding that gavel every day.

Step the hell off Representative Frank, who’s not only been fighting for LGBTQ rights for years, but who is doing his utmost to get both ENDAs passed, and then has the nearly unprecedented courage to explain, openly, honestly, emotionally, about the political realities of what he’s doing.

I’m in no way denying that transgender persons need employment protections.  They probably need it more than anyone else, not because being transgender makes a person in any way less fit to work, but because their place on the boundaries of genders makes employers “uncomfortable.”

I’m not going to lament the fragmentation of the progressive Democrats.  We’re fragmented because we have a high tolerance for diversity – it’s kind of our thing – and genuine disagreement and critical discussion are crucial to democracy.  But being angry because we live in a bigoted political system that will only give some people rights shouldn’t make us angry at the people doing their best to work within that system.  It should make us angry at the fact that this is even a fucking question.

Get as God damn angry as you want.  Let’s have a big anger party.  I’ll bring the chardonnay.

But get angry at the people who damn well deserve it.

*We’ll go with the lie for now.
**This lie too.  Although it hurts my soul.


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