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Posted by pocochina on September 27, 2007

Seriously.  Not okay.

So this morning in Torts, we start off with a case about a woman who gets in a car crash, has an abdominal xray, and later finds out she was pregnant.  The fetus – not baby, asshole Torts textbook, and not child, otherwise liberal dude in my class, the fucking zygote – was dead upon abortion.  The plaintiff sued the doc for negligence.  The judge found for the doc, especially as she’d been to the gyno a couple days before and hadn’t been told she was pregnant.

See, normally, I’d be all into discussion this case.

What I am not into is the way we discussed it.

The first several people to raise their hands, of course, were dudes.  She was maybe one or two days late, they argued, the doc should’ve known.

All the girls in the class looked at them incredulously.  Two days late, our faces said, is nothing, FOOLS.  But none of us were comfortable – well, I know I wasn’t – contradicting them.  And honestly, I know we’re all victims of abstinence-only education, but it’s not my fucking job to go “Hey, Section X, boys and girls have different parts!”  NOBODY – well, not until I mustered up a sufficiently “neutral” turn of phrase – said “it would have been MORE NEGLIGENT not to give her the GODDAMN XRAY!” Because I know if I was in a car crash and was told “take that uterus home, little lady, and don’t come back until menopause for your possibly fractured spine” – I would flip the SHIT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD.  Some probably well-meaning guy argued that it was the 1970s, it was the feminist revolution, so they were learning about pregnancy.  I shit you not.  And God, how many women there have had a pregancy scare?  Been treated poorly by doctors?  One in three of us will have an abortion, and there had to have been fifty of us in that room – let’s all do that math!  FUCK!

Of course, if we weren’t all abstinence-only victims, we’d have known that half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage anyway, plus car crashes have been known to spontaneously terminate pregnancies, so if anyone had been paying attention, they would’ve seen that it totally failed the legal principle we were supposed to be discussing anyway.

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