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deep, dark secret

Posted by pocochina on September 24, 2007

Actually, not so dark.  Or deep.  Justice Brennan is my Dead White Dude crush.

I mean, he’s cool.  A legal mind probably unmatched in his century.  Outspoken on civil rights and women’s rights.  Government, including the courts, can and should be a force for good in society, and it should exercise that power when constitutionallly permissible.  So, cool already.

Mostly, though, I love his dissents later in the court, when the balance had shifted to conservative nominees.   He might be with Justice Marshall, or maybe standing alone.  “The majority are totally misconstruing the concept of jurisdiction!  (Cites himself for a half a page.)  Back in my day, we understood jurisdiction!  HEY YOU KIDS!  GET OFF MY LAWN!!”*

Rest in peace, my brother.

*Loosely paraphrased, and not to be quoted as legal precedent.


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