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Posted by pocochina on September 17, 2007

adopted the US Constitution 220 years ago today.

And in those 220 years, the definition of “we, the people” has expanded, and now we have something a bit…if not more perfect….then closer to perfect.  It’s been expanded past landowners, past whites, past men, past people who lived in the 13 colonies, past the age of 21.

We still have problems.  We still have voter intimidation, especially of brown people.  We still have cycles of greater hostility towards immigrants (when we’re all children of children of immigrants).  We still have hate crime, and misogyny, and people trying to push one narrow interpretation of religion onto everyone else.  We have secret jails and suspended habeus corpus and waterboarding and sex scandals.  We still bar some of our citizens from marriage, and we still have people trying to write discrimination into this secular – yet somehow sacred – document.  We have yet to live up to that promise.

But maybe, just maybe, we’re getting there.

We’re far from perfect, but in the last 220 years, we’ve become a little more perfect.

I hope I forgive myself the naivete, the triteness, the ineffable something that makes me so inspired by that.

May we deserve it.

We, the people.

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