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i heart hillary!

Posted by pocochina on September 17, 2007


Way to learn from a mistake and come back and do better.  Way to not be afraid of the insurance companies.  Fight, Hillary, fight!

Great quote:  “The Congressional health care plan becomes the American health care plan,” Mrs. Clinton said.

Damn right it will.  The absolute hubris it takes to enjoy the best health care in the world and vote that down for other Americans has got to go.  Fuck that shit.

Oh, and NYT, it’s not Mrs Clinton any more than it’s Mr Obama.  Senators, thank you very much.  Senators.  People who work in the big white building at the center of Main Street, USA?  Elected by constituents?  With real jobs, like grown ups?  Senators.

It’s not so different from the Obama and Edwards plans, and so at least on this basis it’s not going to determine my vote in the primary.  Why this is different, and why it furthers my conviction that Hillary Is Awesome, is because universal health care is a huge part of why “conservatives”* tried to make her a big scary Boogeywoman (other than, of course, the absolute audacity it took to not bake cookies and sing Tammy Wynette songs for eight years, not that there’s anything wrong with cookies or Tammy Wynette).  And instead of “triangulating” (ie being a fucking politician, otherwise known as doing her job), she fucking went for it because it’s what Democrats want and because it’s the fucking right thing to do.

*People in the US who wave the “conservative” banner tend to be reactionary tools.  And by reactionary, I mean people who think that “suck my big, white, hetero COCK” is a good governing policy.  Clearly, it’s not.

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