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Posted by pocochina on September 14, 2007

I’ve gotta stop making fun of New Jersey.

In a five to zero ruling – that’s five to fucking zero, kids – the court has decided doctors are not required to tell women seeking abortions that the fetus is a baby.  Based on the impeccable legal reasoning that it is not, in fact a baby.

Equal rights for gay people* and women, all at the same time….what are those crazy kids on the NJSC going to come up with next?

*Fun fact – the marriage ruling wasn’t 4-3 in the way most media outlets seemed to imply.  It was 7-0 in favor of civil equality, and 4-3 over whether they should let the legislature decide on the terminology or just call it marriage.  Still not good enough, but still way ahead of the vast majority of the country.

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