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Barack Obama on TDS

Posted by pocochina on August 23, 2007

So I am quite impressed.  Still watching the show, and writing down initial reactions instead of processed thoughts is weird for me.  (Okay, now I’m fleshing everything out as I watch my love Stephen Colbert.*  I am just incapable of letting political thoughts lie.)

Before I go on, I should record for myself the fact that I’ve been a little annoyed with Senator Obama lately.  I have admired him for as long as he’s been on the national radar because of his thoughtful, utilitarian approach to politics – differences in rhetoric do not differences in opinion make, and differences in opinion do not mean that we can’t work together.  He got – rightfully – a ton of national attention for his “Purple America” speech, it was beautiful and moving and heartfelt.

Then he got up on the campaign trail and unfairly insulted Senator Clinton.  It was in the wave of a week where – this is true – he said he wouldn’t promise a particular course of diplomatic action, and she said she wouldn’t rule it out.  Literally, exactly the same opinion of “I might do it and I might not.”  Now, that’s exactly the right answer, in my opinion.  They shouldn’t be making diplomacy strategies for 2009 now.  Because it is stupid.  And he stood up at a rally and took a blatant slam at Clinton, calling her “Bush/Cheney Lite.”  Not even original.  Now, I am not against justified criticism.  I’m sorry to say that it was and is a justified criticism of Senator Lieberman, for example, as well as against several “moderate” Republicans.  But look, that is a serious insult, and you only throw it at someone who deserves it.  Clinton didn’t.  She doesn’t, and it was just plain wrong, and so out of joint with what I really admire about him.

Talking about the national dialogue where he plays one role and Senator Clinton plays another in the national category, and a little about Michelle Obama.  Apparantly she made some statement upon giving up her job (oh, that’s a whole other bag of WTF, isn’t it) about how “if you can’t keep your own house in order, you certainly can’t keep the WH in order” – yes, I am paraphrasing.  What?  FLOTUS doesn’t clean the WH, a staff of federal employees does.  Now that I think about it, I can’t really see that construed as anything except a slam on the ever-occupied Hillary Clinton.  After all, she could’ve said – with total honesty!  I know! – something like “I think my husband is the best choice for president, so I feel obligated to spend all of my time on the campaign trail, and since I fully expect him to win in 09, I will then be too busy to pick up with work again any time soon.”  She could have even, oh, I don’t know, taken the opportunity to talk about the grave disprespect paid to working mothers in this country, instead of adding to it.

Jon Stewart is actually one of the smartest guys in America.  I remember a while ago someone talking about the Daily Show and how in mideval times only the court jester was allowed to tell the truth to royalty, and he’s totally reminding me of that in this bit.  He’s incredible.

“Hollywood flair” has just come up – bringing up Martin Sheen and Howard Dean, and now “Iowa can be won on the ground.”  And now he’s singing the Deaniac populist song and dance, which I’m behind.  Differences on how senators vote on a whole bunch of issues which are eventually thrown in their faces on the course of the campaign, while governors get to set the terms of the debate and then take credit for everything “he’s” – ie the entire state government – accomplished.

And now they’re onto Senator Clinton and her experience, and how the media keeps casting her in that role and counting her years as First Lady – Obama talked about how she was involved in policy, and she was, and then he whipped out his line about how Clinton is all Washington not thirty seconds after Jon Stewart pointed out that she’s only actually been a politician for two more years than he has.

Oh, and he just smacked down the Republicans – when asked if he has respect for the Republican field or likes any of them, they’re “sincere and decent”.  Ha.  I do sorta wish he’d just said, “when they believe in evolution, maybe,” but if he’s the nominee I want him to win, so he can’t throw down like that.  Shame.

So I do really, really like him.  I do still feel most strongly drawn to Senator Clinton, but I will be totally enthusiastic about an Obama presidency.

*Who just called Cheney “Vice President Voldemort.”  Teehee.

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