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pro-life, indeed

Posted by pocochina on August 13, 2007

Shove it up your ass, Justice Kennedy.  And Justices Alito, and Scalia, and Thomas, and Roberts, and everyone who voted for that fucking Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, even though we didn’t expect better from most of you.


Basically, this article describes why the Federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban is a political-maneuvering, right-wing, they-hate-us-and-want-us-to-die piece of crap.

To recap, the Federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, allegedly targeted at late-term abortions, is a vague and clearly unconstitutional bill for a lot of reasons.  Firstly, of course, it contains no exception for medical procedures necessary to preserve a woman’s health, which is clearly against the precedent set in 2003 due to a similar bill passed in Nebraska, ruled against by the US Supreme Court because of the lack of that exact provision.  The bill is also intentionally vague, and could criminalize abortion procedures used even in the second trimester.  It’s a disaster for a lot of reasons that, while critical, are far outside the scope of this post.

The reason I am more pissed off about this ban than usual is the information contained in the article above.  Because of the potential to violate this new law, doctors are now using injections for late-term abortions, in order to ensure that the fetus is dead before it’s removed, and these injections carry some risk and offer no medical benefit.  They can include some of the same drugs as the ones used in lethal injections.

Before I go on, I want to be unequivocally clear:  I am not criticizing these doctors.  I am grateful for abortion doctors.  We need them desperately; they run a high personal risk to do a tough job that doesn’t pay very well.  There’s some controversy between medical professionals around the injections, but I’m not about to weigh in on that.  I don’t want to see women die, and I don’t want to see doctors go to jail for performing safe medical procedures.  I don’t think these doctors are preying on women, I do not think they’re being irresponsible, unethical, or immoral.

I think that the right wing of the Republican Party, along with its associated judges, prey on women, and that they are irresponsible, unethical, and immoral.

It hardly even bears repeating, but late term abortions are rarely performed, and when they are, it is almost always because of a grave danger to the woman, or the fetus cannot survive outside the womb.  And now women are in even more danger when they must use this procedure.

I’m angry because these injections are a direct result of the Federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban.  Better dead pregnant women, apparantly, than a procedure that hurts the right wing’s feelings.  The ban isn’t about saving lives, and everyone knows this.  It’s about making abortion more perilous for doctors, and more dangerous for women.  And now that’s happening.

So fuck you, SCOTUS.


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