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Posted by pocochina on April 27, 2007

I’m livejournal-ing (is that even a verb?) at twenty-two. I totally missed the high school lj-boat, where everyone had one, knew who each other was IRL, and then waged friending-and-commenting war. (Really? There wasn’t enough of that the other twenty hours a day? I know.)

But now that I’m all grown up and educated, I can no longer bring myself to write anything longer than a post-it with an actual pencil in my hands. Four years of liberal arts, and being part of the IM generation, will do that. And I’m almost done with my year off, and I need to remember how to write before I head off to Very Serious Law School. I don’t expect to share that I even have an lj with anyone I know IRL, or to post any identifying details, or that anyone will ever even see this. I am a criminally silent lurker around the liberal/feminist blogosphere; I’d get a blog, but I’m too lazy to figure out any technological details.

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