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March for Women’s Lives anniversary

Posted by pocochina on April 26, 2007

I marched for women’s lives my sophmore year.  I was a Women’s Studies student at a DC school, there was no question about my going, but of course it was still a stunning experience.

Crowds of anti-choicers lined Pennsylvania Avenue and the National Mall.  They pulled out their best Saturday morning at the clinic tricks, praying into loudspeakers and waving cameras in our faces.

The Radical Fairies for Choice showed up.  They made my day.  The Radical Fairies for Choice had matching t-shirts and signs, fighting homophobia and sexism.  They should’ve had superhero capes, or something.    I know, rationally, that LGBTQ have as much legal stake in preserving Roe as the rest of us (most notably, in the grounding of Lawrence v Texas in Roe), but it’s still just different.  The pro-choice position is deeply personal for women, especially heterosexual and bisexual women, and for men who’ll never be pregnant, or see their partners undergo a difficult pregnancy, to care enough about us to show up gave me hope.

Ani DiFranco onstage, with her endless honesty and courage about her experiences with abortion, gave me hope.

The couple I saw walking across the mall, a pregnant woman and her husband, gave me hope.  She walked slowly, he held his left arm around her, and with his right hand carried a sign that said “Our child.  Her choice.”

I felt safe.  And that gave me hope.

Out of the 1.1 million people on the mall, I found in the throng one of my nearest and dearest friends.  We didn’t go to the same college, or march most of the way together, but we walked the last couple blocks side by side.  She gives me hope every day, but that memory expecially gives me hope.

So three years later, I’m going to keep on clinging to that hope.


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